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We're proud of our Kentucky roots, and grateful to the people of greater Owensboro for making us one of the longest lasting replacement window companies around. On behalf of our staff...thank you.

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The True Expense of Cheap Windows

Sometimes, the products that seem like the cheapest option, end up costing more in the long run. Windows are one of those products. Cheap windows are made up of lesser quality materials like calcium, and feature less strength and rigidity, degrading over time, and...

False Energy Claims on Replacement Windows

In February of 2012, the Federal Trade Commission cracked down on a deceptive practice that has been a part of the vinyl replacement window industry for too long.  You see, many replacement window retailers claim a certain level of energy savings, when/if you replace...

Should I repair my replacement windows?

You’re sitting in the living room one day and a thought pops in your mind: I’m going to open the windows…and get a nice summer breeze!  Ahh…the thought of that refreshing summertime air cooling you off, filling your senses with a clean, crisp aroma.  OK, perhaps...

How Much Should Replacement Windows Cost?

Isn’t it a shame that this question is SUCH a mystery.  I mean really…how is it, in the “information age”, that people have no idea what it costs to replace their windows? The answer: MOST replacement window companies do NOT want you to know. Most window companies do...